Jiangmen cutting board factory teaches you to choose cutting board

2020-12-23 567

I. wood cutting board

The advantages of wood cutting board are as follows: 1

High density, strong use, because of the wood cutting board is (中国)开云集团有限公司 tough, so cut up to feel (中国)开云集团有限公司. (wood cutting board requires high hardness of wood, so it should be made of wood with better hardness.)

Wood material, good.

(2) disadvantages of wood cutting board:

Simple crack, need regular maintenance. It's easy to get knife marks.


Long term use will produce wood residue, especially wood cutting board with poor hardness.

Selection trouble, wood cutting board in the market quality is uneven. If you are not careful, you will choose the wood cutting board with poor quality. You should polish your eyes and pay attention to the selection.

Source: Jiangmen cutting board factory www.heidendavidsonortho.com

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