Selection of cutting board in Jiangmen cutting board factory

2020-12-23 582

1. Willow cutting board.

Willow chopping board is still very common in the countryside. Because there are (中国)开云集团有限公司 willows in the countryside, the wood of willow is also very delicate, which has good earthquake resistance and water resistance. The chopping board that my family took back from my old aunt's home has been very good for (中国)开云集团有限公司 than 20 years. Now, there are also willow cutting boards on the fair, which are cheap, robust and practical.

2. Gleditsia sinensis.

In the past, Gleditsia sinensis was very common in rural areas. Because people would use it to wash clothes, with the increasing number of washing powder, soap and soap, people gradually did not need to wash clothes. Remember when I was a child, there were a few Acacia sinensis trees on the empty field next to my house. Because others wanted to build a house, they would have to cut down. Many people would book rootstocks when they heard that they wanted to cut down. My mother also ordered one. Now the rootstock used for cutting vegetables in my house is Gleditsia sinensis


3. Elm.

Elm is also very common in the countryside, elm is full of treasure, elm money can eat, elm bark can do incense, elm trees can do chopping board. The hardness of the cutting board made of elm is relatively high

Source: Jiangmen cutting board factory

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