Miracle Surgery Treatment of the Leg and Knee

Dear Dr. Davidson,

You will remember that I am a Czech woman that you treated with surgery in December of last year. You removed a cyst from my leg and cleaned up the knee and smoothed under my patella. After the surgery, I felt some pain, but it was on and off. I have been doing very well. 

My husband and I had planned a trip to Peru this summer and I was a little nervous about how the knee would handle long hikes and climbs. We returned last weekend and I want to tell you that not for a single moment did I have a problem with my knee. I did not wear a brace or anything. We climbed 2 mountains, 19,000 ft in altitude, and hiked many miles. I felt great. It was just amazing. 

I wanted to share this with you and thank you again for your help. If my knee will stay as strong as it is now, I basically consider it a miracle. And, I realize that this is thanks to you. I will definitely recommend you as a knee surgeon to anyone I know that needs help. If I ever have an orthopedic problem again (hopefully not) I will come to see you.

Thank you again! Best wishes, G L


USSA Park City Masters Ski Group 2012-2103

Dr. Davidson, pictured here with the team, is the medical director for the USSA Park City Masters Team - and a competitor. The team recently wrapped up their successful 12-13 season.


Skiing Again After 7 Months

Dr. Davidson:

Here is a picture of me skiing on Sitka at Park City Mountain Resort. This was my 10th day of skiing, exactly 7 months since my second knee replacement. Thanks very much! - Margie C.


Back on the Course after 6 Weeks

Christoph L., skiing in the Collegiate Ski Racing Circuit just 6 weeks following knee scope surgery with Dr. Davidson.








Cartilage Restoration - Utah Teenager

Dear Dr Davidson,

Thought I would send this picture in of me skiing again!!   It has been four years since I could ski and it was pure joy to be back at it again!!  My knee pain stopped me from so many wonderful activities and opportunities.  I've now started up skiing again, and am acting and modeling.  You did a wonderful job and saved me from years of pain to come.  I can't thank you enough for letting me be a kid again.  My mom tells everybody about what a wonderful job you have done, and I completely agree:)

Caitlin L.



Trailrunner, Athlete, Feldenkrias Practioner - 1 Year Following knee resurfacing and repair

I would like to share the journey I have traveled; and the success I have reached due to selecting Dr. Phil Davidson as my surgeon.

To begin with, I am a long distance runner and triathlete competing for over 20 years. My first accident was at age 20, training on my road bike when I was struck and pulled under a semi-truck. As a result of the accident I had a broken pelvis, fractured femur, fractured ankle, rotator cuff tear, dislocated shoulder, and muscle injury in my leg. Nine surgeries and nearly one year later I was able to return to training and competing again. I attribute my successful recovery to the Feldenkrias Method, of which I have become a practitioner.

During the winter of 2010 I sustained a knee injury getting off a chairlift. With some difficulty I was able to continue training and during that summer I competed in 5 events/races in an 11 week period; 13,16,13,26,26 miles. In the last Marathon, 
my right knee cap was pulled off to the side, detaching most of itself.  I could hardly weight bear following my finish of the Marathon. In the following days it was clear something was really wrong with my right knee/leg.  Often when stepping, it would just buckle, and I had lost my ability to run.  I saw my doctor who recommended an MRI to truly understand what has happened to me. Once I had the MRI, 

I scheduled appointments with a few surgeons.  I always believe ( after 13 surgeries), it is best to get more than one opinion.

I was told by another excellent Doctor that I would never run again, and that I needed a full knee replacement.  I left his office with my heart shattered.
Now, for the second time in my life, I was being told I could never run again. 

Then I had my appointment with Dr. Phil Davidson. 
What impressed me the most with him was the following; his knowledge, expertise and ability to articulate the procedure he would do  to save my right knee cap; therefore, hopefully making it possible for me to run again.  While discussing the procedure, I truly appreciated him going into great detail and answering all my questions. He explained a detailed surgical plan which potentially included cutting the tibia to realign it. While I was not thrilled about the idea of cutting the tibia, I was grateful to him for explaining all possibilities to me. 

But, truly what struck me the most was his genuine concern for me as a woman, a person, a runner, and an athlete. 
It wasn't so much that he could do a "wonderful surgery" as much as his compassion.  I'll never forget at the end of my first visit how he sensed my despair.  He encouraged me to take time to consider his recommendation feel ready for the surgery.  He felt I needed time to be emotionally and spiritually prepared, and once I was ready, he would be happy to do my surgery. I left his office knowing when ready, he was the right surgeon for me.

March 7th was the date.

The surgery went super well and Dr. Davidson didn't have to cut into my tibia. He said I did great!  What I knew was that, He did great!  I started Physical therapy immediately at home, then with Alpine PT as an outpatient. I had limited visits and quickly began rehab on my own. I was progressing nicely when at the 3 month post op visit Dr. Davidson gave me the go-ahead to start running. I could hardly believe it.
After 9 months of no running, now I could try to run again. That first try was on a treadmill...I was so scared. I got on, and began to run, I could hardly believe I was running again. It was so emotional for me I had to stop and cry.

Since then, I have continued to run 5-6 days a week.
I began to head outside and mix up my runs.
I found trail running up the mountains in some ways easier than the roads. For so many months I had not really put full pressure on my leg.

A few weeks ago I ran in my first, shall we say race, it was a 10k...I ran a 45.... I was very pleased considering all I had been through. Now I am up to 16 mile runs on the trails and shooting for 20 miles this weekend. Yes, I did indeed run 20 miles this weekend from Deer Valley to the Canyons all on trails....
What shocked me the most is I ran only 1 minute longer than a year ago.........
I guess I could say I have fully recovered.

To sum it up, I am beyond grateful to Dr. Davidson.
He brought back into my life my greatest pleasure and passion in my life, running. Every day I stop on my run to be grateful for the wonderful life I have!

Thank You so much Dr. Davidson for bringing back my greatest joy!
Sharon S.


Active Hiker, Skier and Professor - 1 Year Following Bilateral Knee Resurfacing

Dr. Phil Davidson,

You said to stop in and see you about my knees after ski season. My knees are great and I have had no problems, so I don't feel the need to take up any of your time. I skied a personal record 90 days this season, sometimes as many as 8 and 9 days in a row when we were having continuous deep powder. I can't remember ever skiing without any pain before, but certainly it had to be over 30 years ago. I always carried Ibuprofen but never even thought about taking a single pill.  We had so many deep powder days this year and being able to ski them with total enthusiasm made me feel like a little kid again. There were things I hoped for last spring when you operated on me, but I guess the way they turned out was even better than my highest hopes. I can't thank you enough for giving me my knees back. I guess you know I think you walk on water, so keep up all your great work!

Salt Lake City, UT



Knee Resurfacing - 59 year old Park City Marathon Runner, Skier, Cyclist, Basketball Player

At almost 59 years of age, after 30 years of basketball and running over 50 marathons, my left medial knee compartment deteriorated to bone on bone. I could barely walk without pain, and thought my active lifestyle was over. Upon consulting with Dr. Eric Heiden, an athlete himself, he recommended I consult with his partner, Dr. Phil Davidson for partial knee surgery in lieu of a full knee replacement. It was really all quite easy and they made it so. It's been over 7 months, and I have begun a new chapter in my life, cross training with biking, swimming, skiing and, of course, some running. I'm very happy with the results. The refreshingly collaborative effort and highly professional attitude of these doctors who actually listened to my needs and executed a plan for recovery has made me an athlete once again.

Thank you Heiden Davidson Orthopedics
Ed K


Patellofemoral Resurfacing Patient

Hi Dr. Davidson,

Last year Dr. Phil Davidson operated on my left knee. I had a lot of pain in the front of my knee for many years. I wondered if there was a possibility that he might be able to help an active woman in pretty good health despite the knee problem. I didn't know or realize at first that I needed surgery. I figured that I would get a shot or a prescription for some pills and that would be the extent of it. At that time I was exercising about three times a week and walking almost every day to keep myself in shape. I ate properly and worked 40 hours as week in a day care facility with children. I was a full-time mom, wife, and grandmother with all the duties that went along. I also embraced my religious and civic duties. I did not want to slow down. When I went to meet Dr. Phil Davidson I took my husband with me for support.

I had my surgery at the Park City Medical Center, traveling there from Salt Lake City. The team was ready for me when I got to the hospital very early in the morning. They were awesome. By 7 o'clock I was wheeled into the operating room. As I come out of the anesthesia, I felt good. I did not feel groggy. I stayed in the hospital overnight, had visitors the next morning and by the early afternoon I was ready to go home. My leg was bandaged and I had on a knee brace. I walked out of the hospital with crutches. Again I was warned to take the time that I needed to heal. I took advantage of that opportunity with lots of family around me. I had a therapist who came to my home to help me begin to exercise. When I got strong enough, I went to therapy, where they had equipment that helped me to exercise properly. PT was a wonderful experience. Within a short time, I was back to work gradually putting back into place all that I had been doing before. My knee feels great. I now have no knee pain. In addition, the scar on my knee is beginning to disappear. This was just a year ago!

Gaye P - Salt Lake City

Active Florida woman travels to Utah for Shoulder and Knee Treatments - 1 year later

Hi Dr. Davidson,

While you were located in Florida, I located you after researching doctors on the web. Since I was too young for knee replacement, other doctors told me there was nothing that they could do for my knee pain. It had become so painful, I could not walk a flight of stairs without serious pain. After my first visit with you in St. Petersburg, I felt that you had the education and experience to help me. After knee surgery under your care I have no more knee pain!! Then, I received a letter from you that you were going to Park City, Utah to Heiden Orthopaedics. Knowing what a fine doctor you are, I was extremely excited for you and your family. Within a month, I had a serious injury with my horse after moving him to a new barn. The injury involved my right shoulder. Obviously, I contacted you to diagnose the injury, since I knew your specialty was in knees and shoulders. You were transitioning between Florida and Park City when I visited you in St. Petersburg at that time. Since you suspected it was a SLAP lesion, you informed me that surgery would be necessary. Without hesitation, I was on board to follow your practice to Park City, Utah. For me, it was exciting to travel from Florida to Park City, even though my family's schedule would not allow anyone to travel with me. From past experiences, I knew that I would be in excellent hands. Your staff provided everything I needed to make my surgical trip go smoothly and comfortably. The driver, the hospital staff, your office staff, the after-care nurse and physical therapist were exceptional, friendly and professional. Of course the hotel, the food and the scenery were great as well. Thank you for helping to make my SLAP repair an exciting experience. Just to let you know, a year later, I have full use of my right arm!! Consequently, I am back riding and jumping "the horse", doing advanced pilates mat classes, and beginning a new career using my right arm. Last spring, I enrolled in acrylic painting classes and found a new talent. My second painting (digital scan is below) is called Summer Window. The medium is acrylic on water color paper. It has been so well received that I have produced giclee prints and note cards. Thank you, Dr. Davidson for giving me my "life" back. Wishing you, your family and staff a wonderfully snowy skiing season.

Joan S.

Osteochondral Allograft

Dear Dr. Davidson,

Its been exactly three weeks since you did my Osteochondral Allograft surgery on my left knee, and I'm feeling great! For so long I thought I would just have to live with the pain, but I honestly cant believe the immediate relief I felt after surgery, and am still amazed that I have not felt any of that pain since! Not only does my knee feel great, but my physical therapy is going so well, that I'm already walking without crutches.

I was really skeptical at first, to be traveling all the way from Southwest Florida to Utah, to have such a big surgery with a doctor that I had never even met. However, I am so happy and thankful that I did because it was the best decision I could have ever made! I couldn't have asked for a better team of people to have on my side. I have never had a doctor that made me feel like I was his only patient before you. I couldn't believe one of your first e-mail's to me was on a Sunday night, and I remember thinking "Wow, I cant believe he took time out of his personal life to sit down and respond to all of my questions". It is really nice to know that you care about each and every one of your patients, and any concerns and questions that they have. Also, Jennifer Meyer, your scheduling coordinator was so incredibly friendly, helpful and caring throughout the whole process. She made everything so easy for me; from the first e-mail's I sent her with general questions, to her follow up e-mail's after I returned home from surgery, and everything in between. It was an absolute pleasure working with you both!

I'm really looking forward to regaining all of my strength and getting back to a healthy and active lifestyle. The next time I return to Utah it will be to go hiking or snowboarding, and to show you how well I am doing! Thank you again so much, I am forever grateful for your help and for the quality of life I will have because of you!

Mikaela C

Shoulder Resurfacing with the Arthrosurface HemiCAP

Dear Dr. Davidson & Staff:

I can't begin to express my deep gratitude and delight to be able to have new range of motion with virtually no pain since my hemi-cap surgery in November of last year. You and your staff have increased my quality of life tenfold.

It has been almost 40 years since my shooting accident and the debilitating effects created by it. I am moved deeply at what I am able to do now.

I am doing exceptionally well. I can't begin to express my gratitude of the results of the Arthrosurface Shoulder Surgery and the resulting range of motion and the quality of my life. It is truly a miracle I've gone back to competing in the Martial Arts and my performance has been increased tremendously. Thank you all again. I think my right knee will be next (Big Wink).

Again, thank you and your staff for my new life.

Cartilage Transplantation

Hello Dr. Davidson

You may not remember me, but I had knee surgery under your care approximately 10 years ago. At the time I was a Largo Firefighter, referred to you by Dr. Wong. I had very bad damage to the surface of my knee. I had pain all the time and could not work. That was long ago!

I was recently talking to one of my friends about the procedure that I had done and I actually referred him to you for treatment. I had the surgery where you harvested my cartilage and then the cells were grown in the laboratory. Then, at another surgery a couple of months later you implanted them back into my left knee.

FYI my knee is still doing great! I have had very few, if any, residual problems. I have not had any restrictions since the surgery. I have had a successful career in Fire fighting and can do all the required tasks. I am now the Asst. Chief in Hernando County. I have also been active in sports and maintain a very physically demanding lifestyle. I thought you would like to know that my surgery was very successful and brag about you whenever the topic comes up.

Frank D
Asst Chief
Hernando County Fire Rescue